From Hesitation to Inspiration: A School Bus Driver’s Rewarding Journey

For seventeen years and counting, Christine DuBreuil has not just been a bus driver; she’s been a source of joy and inspiration for the students she transports. Reflecting on her journey, Christine acknowledges that this job, which she almost didn’t take, has played an integral part in her life.

Most employers will forget you ever worked there, but the memories of students always live on – ‘You were my favourite bus driver.’ I have never worked any other job where the company appreciates their drivers and office employees.

Initially daunted by the idea of driving a 72-passenger bus (how was she ever going to reach the pedals!), Christine embraced the challenge with her “tiny but mighty” spirit. The role, often underestimated, turned out to be incredibly rewarding. When she was not behind the wheel, Christine had time to spend with her growing children, to be a caregiver to her parents, and to support her brother who has Down syndrome.

Yes, I missed other opportunities, a career I could have started a lot sooner, and building my dream Spa. But my sole priority has and always will be my children and my family. Now, I am working towards building my personal business and I will also still be a Bus Driver. That is also supported and encouraged by the company.

Christine’s story is a testament to the transformative power of being a school bus driver — a profession that not only transports students from home-to-school, but also changes the lives of those behind the wheel. Her journey reminds us that life is about the people we touch and the differences we have the power to make. Thank you, Christine, for getting behind the wheel and sharing unforgettable moments with students over the years.