Service with a Smile: Meet Louise and Larry

In the bustling Roxborough and 417 Bus Line offices of Switzer-CARTY Transportation, it’s not uncommon to find team members who share more than just a workplace — many also share familial bonds! This week, we shine the spotlight on Larry and Louise — a dynamic husband and wife team who are committed to driving the future!

Meet Louise & Larry

Since 2010, Louise has played an integral part of countless children’s journeys. Her caring and friendly demeanour fosters a positive and safe environment, putting even the youngest of passengers at ease. When you ask Louise about why she choose to get behind the wheel of a school bus, she’ll excitedly tell you:

Every day behind the wheel is a chance to create a safe and welcoming space for the precious cargo I transport. It’s not just about the ride; it’s about the joy of seeing their smiles, the laughter, and the stories they share. Being a part of their daily journey is more than a job; it’s a privilege. 

In 2011, Larry joined the team and he has been effortlessly transitioning between driving school buses to motor coaches. His infectious enthusiasm, larger than life smile, and genuine love for driving always shines through. When we asked Larry what motivates him to get behind the wheel, his answer speaks to his dedication:

From school bus to coach, little kids to big kids (4 to 94), I truly enjoy driving them all. Love the smiles and the conversation. Excited children and excited adults. At the end of the day, my goal is to be sure that every ride is enjoyable and memorable — getting my passengers to their destination in comfort, in safety, and always providing service with a smile.

Louise and Larry exemplify the spirit of teamwork and commitment, always going the extra mile. Their dynamic partnership and shared passion for driving have made them an invaluable asset to our growing transportation family.

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